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Windows 11

Windows 11 is available since October 5th 2021. 

Windows 10 end of support is announced October 24th 2025.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is available since July 29th 2015. It allowed professional users to skip Windows 8 which was never used on the professional market and move from 7 to 10.

Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 was free of charge until Julty 31rst 2016. Activity tracking is integrated in Windows 10 and follows all your activities; it can be desactivated, but it is active by default. Windows 10 upgrade cannot be desactivated UNLESS you use Windows entreprise LTSB 52015 and 2016) or LTSC (2019).

Microsoft shortened the leadtime between versions. Windows XP was available until avril 2014, i.e. 4.5 years after the release of Windows 7. This time, the EOL of Windows 7 come hardly 1.5 years after the release of Windows 10

Licence windows 10 pro
dématérialisée + installation

Windows 10 IoT entreprise

Windows 10 IoT Entreprise prend en charge les applications universelles et les applications classiques Windows. Minimum configuration:  RAM 1GB, Storage 16GB

Windows IoT is the new name following "embedded" versions of Windows XP and 7

Price depends on CPU.

Windows 7is still available after the end of sales in october 2016 and the end of Microsoft support on January 14th, 2020

WIndows 7 was released to market by Microsoft on october 22nd 2009. Tested on Akori's products, it is faster than Vista, while being more demanding that XP. Windows 7 allows professional users to skip Windows Vista and go directly from Windows XP to Windows 7.
Windows 7 needs either a hard disk drive or at least 64GB flash. windows

Licence windows 7 pro
dématérialisée  + installation

Linux is a mature open source operating system, alternative to Windows proprietary operating system, allowing you to control its evolution. Standard web based applications run smoothly on Linux OS, as well as the many open source software such as web browser, email, office, database.
Linux drivers are available on most AKORI products. Many AKORI's products are available with Linux.

We use  Ubuntu LTS (long term support), 18.04

Note: Light Ubuntu "LUbuntu" 18.04 LTS can run on low computing power harware

Google introduced Android on Smartphones in 2005 & later on consumer Tablets; Android became an acceptable OS for professionals since version 4.0. Despite its  qualities, Android still suffers from its focus on consumer market and from too frequent versions which require software to be re-tested each time.
Android 10 was released on septembre 3rd 2019. Some recent applications available on Google PlayStore are no longer compatible on older Android versions such as 5.1 which was realeased the same year as Windows 10.
Officially, as of the beginning of 2020, version 7.0, released on aout 22nd  2016 is the oldest version supported (along with more recont ones 7.1, 8.0, 8.1 et 9.0). Older versions are not.

Microsoft Calendar
Windows XP
Windows 8.1




End of sales

End of

End of support

 OS alone


XP31rst december 2001SP330th june 200822nd october 201014th april 20098th april 2014 
CE 6.030th november 2006R322nd september 20099th april 2013
Embedded Compact 71rst march 201112th april 201613rd april 2021
Embedded Compact 201313rd june 20138.010th october2023
72nd october 2009SP131rst october201331rst october201613rd january 201514th january 2020
826th october 20128.11rst september 201531rst october 20169th january 201810th january 2023
1029th july 2015
 24th octobre 2025

During the free support period, security fixes are provided free of charge.

On the other hand, the functionalities of the operating system no longer evolve - except for customers paying for extended support.The end of sales of 7 and 8.1 were the same;Microsoft now only provides Windows 10 as operating system for PCs

Windows XP professionnel

XP pro was "The" professional operating system from 2001 to 2010 and up. The latest version is SP3 service pack.The end of the support of 8 April 2014 pushed users to change.Despite all this, in September 2014, the installed base of Windows XP at 24% worldwide remained far superior to windows 8 yet imposed on the general public from 2012 to 2015.
In September 2019 still has a higher installed base than Windows 8.1 all users combined, at about 4.5%
Tthe page above indicates how to continue after support by Microsoft

Windows XP pro logo

Windows 8.1

Similarly to Windows Vista, Windows 8 was a consumer OS and a failure on the professional market.


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