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Since its creation in 2003, AKORI offers to its professionnal, small business and entreprise customers industrial Panel PC, Industrial LCD monitors and Rugged Tablets, with a variety of features and resistance to suit most environments and needs. Founded by former experienced employees and managers of Hewlett-Packard professional PC headquarter, AKORI relies ont its experience in the computing industry to select vendors and source competitive quality hardware in Asia.

Over 15 years of experience

Computing devices such as Industrial Panel PC, LCD monitors and Tablets, marketed by AKORI benefit from all the functionalities likely to meet demanding environmental needs of companies: resistance to shocks and vibrations, designed for fixed or mobile use, locally connected with Wi-Fi or in the field using 4G, used in all weather conditions and temperatures, waterproof and dust resistance, operation in direct sun or in cold warehouses to adapt to various needs.

Custom design capabilities

Akori also proposes custom modifications such as physical dimensions of devices, choice of inputs/outputs, addition of interface cards, change of connector's or control button's location ... based on precise specifications. Contact us for custom requests in areas such as defence, transport and agro-food or construction. Custom designs are made in collaboration with manufacturers and can result in development costs (NRE).

Support and Warranty

Akori provides technical support and repair of distributed products.We rely on manufacturer’s warranty and spare parts to ensure the warranty and after warranty service for several years.We provide our customers with fast technical assistance in English or French in the event of technical problem.


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