Hardware for access control and security

Capacitive Touchscreen Panel PC - NFC/RFID readers

Akori introduces a serie of panel PCs with built-in card readers like NFC, RFID and IC card.

The integrated card reader makes the series a complete access control and security system for commercial, residential, industrial, financial, educational and government institutions.

The fanless design of PCAP touch panel PC with card reader series decreases downtime and reduces the need for on-site support due to cooling system failure.
The system meets MIL-STD 810F testing procedures and the IP65 compliant front panel is sealed against water and dust intrusion.
The built-in RFID/NFC reader works with EM and MIFARE cards and tags (the choice of reader depends on your needs).
The intuitive touch panel allows for easy operation and the built-in webcam can be used as an intercom through the LAN connection or as a biometric access control system based on facial and voice recognition.

Display 10,1 1920x1200, 350 Nits, 89/89/89/89

Display 13.3'' 1920x1080, 350 Nits, 89/89/89/89

Display 15.6'' 1920x1080, 300 Nits, 89/89/89/89

Display 17'', 1280x1024, 250 Nits, 85/85/85/85

Display 21.5'' 1920x1080, 250 Nits, 89/89/89/89

Option 1: 
RK3368 Eight Cores , 2G RAM Max. 4G, 8G Flash Max. 128G
Option 2: RK3288 Quad Cores , 2G RAM Max. 4G, 8G Flash Max. 128G

Option 3: Intel J1900 Quad Core, 4G RAM Max. 8G, 64G SSD Max. 1TB
Option 4: Intel i3/i5/i7, 4G RAM Max. 16G, 64G SSD Max. 1TB(≥15.6" ONLY)

RFID reader example
Mifare S50 S70, ISO14443A, ISO15693 (ICODE 2), distance 0 ~ 80mm


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